Why Andy Polish Pottery?


One dish is all you need! Your pottery can go from marinades in the fridge, to bake in the oven, serve on the table, and freeze or microwave any leftovers. Andy Polish Pottery distributes heat evenly for perfect baking and roasting and food stays hot or cold longer during service. Every piece cleans easily and is dishwasher safe. All pottery is intended for everyday use and is lead/cadmium free. All pieces are safe and durable for the refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher - - always allow them to come to room temperature when going from the extreme of the refrigerator/freezer to oven. Extreme temperature change may crack the pottery. 


Handmade and hand-painted pottery fired at temperatures close to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it not only durable but impervious to abrasives and resistant to cracks and chips. Fired a second time seals the artwork under the glaze giving each piece an easy to clean and beautiful non-fading finish. Andy Polish Pottery is cadmium and lead free and will provide years of worry-free use.


Andy Polish Pottery is handmade and hand painted in Bolesławiec, Poland. You will be captivated by the remarkable artistic ability and care that is dedicated to each hand-painted piece. Amazingly, Polish Pottery patterns are generally harmonious to one another and will become the centerpiece of your dining experience.