Our Story

How A Kentucky Girl Found Her Purpose In Poland...

I have been a military wife for over 22 years and a mom of two beautiful girls, Ava & Ella. In 2012, my husband Kevin received an assignment to Ramstein, Germany. I was ecstatic for this opportunity to see the world, little did I know God had other plans in store for my family other than traveling Europe.

It didn’t take long to learn about Polish pottery from friends. I had never even heard of it, but these military mommas went nuts for it. To be honest I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I’ve never enjoyed cooking, hosting parties, etc.so what did I need pottery for?

On our first trip to Poland in 2012 I decided to buy just a few pieces to say I had checked the box and visited Bolesławiec, Poland to purchase the sought-after pottery. Well, it didn’t take long to fall in love with it myself, not only was it breathtakingly beautiful, it was practical. I quickly regretted not buying more which led to many trips across the border during our four-year station.

During one of our trips to Poland I was asked to help ANDY Polish Pottery at the Ramstein Bazaar (think of it as a massive craft fair but on an epic scale with all European treasures). You see, even from the beginning Andy’s was always my favorite. It easily stood apart from the other shops and being a completely family run business made me proud to support. Andy’s son, Mateusz (Matt), asked if I would help them at the bazaar because they noticed how many times, I had made the 7-hour trip to cure my now full-blown pottery addiction. Of course, I said yes not knowing that was just the beginning…

During the bazaar helping the family sell their pottery, (for no other reason than I enjoyed it and wanted everyone to love their craft as much as I did) everything changed for The Millers! Andy could tell I was sincerely passionate about their craft and with that a friendship developed between my family and theirs. That in turn grew to so much more and I was asked to join their “family” to bring their amazing pottery to the States.

I know you will love their product as much as I do…it’s so much more than pottery, its tradition, a family, a way of life!

Jeremiah 29:11